Is there anything more important than joy?

No. No, there isn’t.

(Almost) Fat-Free

New Orleans Food from the Heart

So, what does vegan mean?


Well, it’s simple. Vegan means plants-only. That’s it. No seafood. No chicken. No dairy milk, no dairy cheese, and no eggs; nothing from an animal. (Not even butter.) To eat vegan is to eat just plants. And a Crabtini appetizer from Ruth’s Chris Steak House is not vegan. Sorry, dawlin.


So, what’s a dawlin?


*Cough* (I thought you’d never ask.) First of all, I’m proud to say that I’m a dawlin. And it’s not what you think—I hear laughter from the locals—OK, yes, at one time I laughed too, but I was a fool. Let me tell you why. I’ve learned something over the years and been enlightened to the fact that being a dawlin is a wonderful thing, as well as a coveted title. “Do tell, Barbara.” OK, I will. Folks come to New Orleans from all over the world to be with dawlins, and hopefully to eat and pawty with dawlins. You know what else they do? If they’re real fans, even wannabes, they move here. Some even try to pass themselves off as real dawlins! And let me tell you, they do get away with it sometimes, but a real dawlin can usually tell.


Barbara Ganucheau in her kitchen on Leontine Street in Uptown New Orleans.

Barbara, who?


Barbara Ganucheau (born Menendez) grew up a quintessential dawlin in the Lake Vista neighborhood of New Orleans, by Lake Pontchartrain, in a large family within a larger community that instilled in her a passion for Louisiana home cooking.


She was the charismatic lead singer and keyboardist of New Orleans’ power-pop band The Cold (1979-1984) and later fronted Babs’ Guitars and Drums (1995-1997) as well as The Help (2010-2012). She was one of 44 musicians featured in Elsa Hahne’s The Gravy: In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians (High ISO Music, 2013), and continues to invent new dishes for her husband, four children, and two grandchildren.

Barbara Ganucheau (then Menendez) performs with New Orleans power pop band The Cold in 1984

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