Is there anything more important than joy?

No. No, there isn’t.

(Almost) Fat-Free

New Orleans Food from the Heart



Vegan Dawlin is a true labor of love, as Barbara  took it upon herself to enter the local culinary classics, such as gumbo, etouffée, turtle soup, dirty rice, stuffed mirlitons, and bread pudding into the vegan canon.


Whether you’re looking to eat all-out vegan or simply introduce more vegetables and plant-based dishes into your diet, this book is bound to find a place close to your heart.


Featuring 99 delicious recipes, 49 photographs, and several instructional illustrations to help you master her techniques, this Vegan Dawlin will have you dancing in the kitchen in NO time.

What folks are saying about Vegan Dawlin:


I want to lick this book. And I’m a carnivore! Barbara can cook anything and make it awesome. I’d love to see what she could do with an old shoe I’ve got hanging around ... Trust me, you never had vegan this good. Serve these recipes to someone you’re sure you love because once they taste this, you’ll never get rid of them!

Maureen “Mo” Brennan McConnell


Rock on, Barbara! This is fantastic. I can’t wait to start cooking, and I haven’t been excited about cooking in years.

Tommy Malone, Musician


Barbara’s recipes are as fun to taste as her book is to read. She’s the real deal of the Nawlins dawlins. Sharing creativity and love from her kitchen with those of us who are looking for alternatives while still cooking local cuisine is a blessing.

Holly Groh, M.D.


I’m so excited about this book. I’ve been veggie for 20-something years and never thought I’d get to eat New Orleans cuisine again. Those days are over thanks to Barbara and her amazing recipes.

Rich Siegel, Musician and Proprietor of La Crêpe Nanou


Barbara’s vegan po-boys are always a huge hit at the Freret Market. I’ve heard people arguing about whether there’s actual meat in them. One thing we all agree on is that they’re the best po-boys ever.

Michelle Ingram, Freret Market Co-founder and Director

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